Exactly a month back, I migrated my blog from Tumblr to WordPress hosted with free hosting from ByetHost. ByetHost was good in terms of space and bandwidth they provide but their quality of service was too poor.

ByetHost recently implemented an anti-bot module which prevented bots from crawling the site and thus decreasing the page rank. Worse of all, there was no way to deactivate or stop this module.

Fed up with all these things, I decided to buy a paid hosting. That’s when I came to know about OutpowerHosting from this thread on Digit Forums. After reading a lot of reviews about OutpowerHosting which were all positive, I decided to give it a try. After all, Their pricing is cheap too.

So, I immediately bought a hosting package from OutpowerHosting and it was activated within 30 minutes of clearing the payments. The folks at OutpowerHosting also tweeted me back after activation. That was a nice gesture and I’m really expecting a great service from them.

After migrating to OutpowerHosting, I started fixing the W3C Validation errors. With a lot of tweaks and bug fixes, I was able to boost the Nibbler score for my blog to 8.0.

In addition to this, I have added Infinite scrolling, a subscribe widget and social sharing buttons to the blog. And, A contact form is now there on the About page. Also, I have hopefully fixed the bug where the hyperlinks used to overlap on Chrome web browser. Thanks to ariftwister for reporting the bug.