When I got a domain name for myself, I wanted to host a blog with WordPress. Since, I wouldn’t be monetizing the blog, It didn’t make sense to spend on a hosting package. I thought I would give other free blogging platforms a try. So, I used Tumblr to host the blog back then.

Everything was good with Tumblr. But, Having used WordPress, I felt customization options on Tumblr was pretty much cramped. That’s when I realized that I should migrate back to WordPress.

After a lot of search, I decided to stick with some free shared hosting provider for a few months. Got myself a free account on Byethost and there I am writing this post to my just-migrated blog.

While migrating the blog from Tumblr, I have skipped a few posts to keep the blog clean. Also, I haven’t posted anything at all for the past 2 months or so. Blame my laziness. I should probably starting writing to my blog regularly.