A Quick Rewind

My first presence on social network dates more than a decade back to the Orkut era. If commnunity forums can be considered as social networks, it goes even back in time to mid 2000’s.

I still remember creating multiple accounts on forums like Hostbidder & VBForums and getting banned, again and again, for being a nasty troll. VBForums, Planet Source Code and SourceForge were my StackOverflow back when I started programming circa 2005-2006.

To be honest, I enjoyed spending time on community forums more than I did on social networks. And I still do. I have even tried creating social networks and community forums.

Flash-forward to now

Until recently I have had account on almost all major social networks and tech forums. But I’ve been inactive on almost all of them for a while now.

Perhaps I am fed up with all the social networks and forums. Or the people using it.

I have taken down my accounts on almost all other social networks other than Twitter and Reddit. The leftouts, if any, are because I don’t care/remember that I have an account. This applies to Messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram and Discord too.

TL;DR Don’t try to get in touch with me through social networks.