Since the launch of Windows 10 SDK for Universal Apps, I have been fiddling around with it, learning a lot of new stuffs. I had developed some Universal Apps as a part of my learning. #REST is one such hobby project.

#REST is a simple debugger for RESTful web services. REST has become a leading standard for building web services. Test, Debug and interact with HTTP/REST resources using this free app for Windows 10 Devices.

Working in web development projects every now and then, I had the need for a no-nonsense tool to debug and test the RESTful services and Web APIs. That’s how I started developing #REST.

After working on this app for a few months on and off, I am all set to publish #REST to the Windows Store today. You can download the app from Windows Store.

Features of #REST:

  1. Make GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS and HEAD requests.
  2. Set request headers and display response headers.
  3. Based on Universal Windows Platform. You can install it on any device running Windows 10.

Features planned for future releases:

  1. Save, export and import requests
  2. Prettify response

Unlike my previous submissions to the Windows store, this app is monetized with advertisements. Making an in-app purchase removes the ads once and for all though.

I do have plans for other UWP apps as well. If everything goes well, I might publish them to the Windows Store too. But there is at least a month before I can start working on them.

Make sure to rate and review the app, if you download it.